About Isra Group:

Message By CEO

The CEO & Founder — Parwaiz Ahmed Shaikh.
He started his career working as a consultant engineer for NHA. After working there for around 5 years, He decided to take matters in his own hands and build Isra Group out of nothing. In 2003, He helped established a private hospital – Isra Medical Centre Gambat. The hospital continues to operate and is highly rated amongst the citizens. In 2007, He started his first, ISRA CNG & Petroleum Station and then In 2012 started ISRA-II LPG & Petroleum Stations. He also reestablished Gambat City Petroleum Station in 2018.
Mr. Parwaiz Ahmed Shaikh is a member of the Chamber of Commerce Karachi and Sindh CNG association.


Isra Group is working in many fields from the last 10 to 18 Year. Isra Group facilitates its customer in the following fields: Petroleum Stations, CNG Stations, Medical Center and also LPG Station.

Isra Petroleum Fuel and CNG Stations are engaged in the purchase, storage, and sale of petroleum products.

Isra Group also provides health care facilities from their medical center ‘Isra Medical Center‘. Which is operated since 2003 under the qualified doctors.

Isra Medical Center Provide many other services under one roof they have their own highly equipped operation theater, pharmacy, and many other facilities.